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Nati Coffee and Spices PLC

Nati Coffee and Spices PLC is a private limited company registered under business law of Ethiopia to engage on Production and processing of Arabica coffee and high value Spices such as Black pepper, Turmeric, Ginger and Vanilla on 180 hectares allocated for these high quality products. NCS supplies organically grown traceable coffee and spices from the jungle forest of western Ethiopia.
Our company work with small holder farmers as an out-grower where we transfer technology, improved seeds, and provide extension service as well as market outlet to local communities.

Our Vision

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Our Company

Nati Coffee and Spices

Organic Coffee

An Ethiopian company specializing in growing, processing and exporting Organic coffee.

Organic Spices

-Produces arabica coffee, ginger, vanilla, turmeric and black pepper.

Ethiopian Based Farming

A supplier of ecological, healthy and traceable coffee and spices to the world  Organic spices from UNISCO Bio-sphere reserve forest area!

Our company

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Organic Coffee & Spices

The best quality Organic spice

Our Team

Getachew Mamo

General Manager

Natinael Kiros

Production and Processing Manager

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Our company is a main hub for Ethiopian agro commodity exports to the rest of the world by making quality and customer relationship a prior concern. We export organic Vanilla, Ginger,Blackpepper and coffee.