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Coffee & Spices

Nati coffee and spices plc is a private company established in 2010 to engaged in organic coffee and spice production and export. We supply organically grown supper quality vanilla from UNISCO bio-sphere reserve forest area in Ethiopia which are grown on 180 hectare own farm dedicated for organic production. We have organic certified and traceable Vanilla Blackpepper, Turmeric and Ginger as well as Coffee

Grow Organic Coffee & Spices

Providing high quality Organic spices to the world

Deliver Services

We deliver timely and throughout the year

100% Organic Products

Company that provide supper quality organic vanilla from UNISCO bio-sphere reserve forest area in Ethiopia


NCS was the first company to introduce organic vanilla into Ethiopian markets at commercial level.


We produce pungent organic ginger with high volatile Oil (8%) in whole dried and sliced form.

Black pepper

We produce high quality organic Black pepper both for local and export markets.


We supply organic Turmeric with more than 4% curcumine content, washed, steam cured, dried, polished and packed in 25 and 50kg pp bags.


Our organic Arabica Coffee is handpicked, dried and processed on our own farms. it has balanced and rich aroma.

Growing an Organic and traceable spice in Ethiopia

Spices are grown and exported from Ethiopia to different part of the World.


Our company is a main hub for Ethiopian agro commodity exports to the rest of the world by making quality and customer relationship a prior concern. We export organic Vanilla, Black , Ginger and and Turmeric to different parts of the World.


Our company is known for producing and exporting single origin Organic Spices and coffee.

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